MAX ACKERMANN - Retrospektive, March 8 - June 2, 2018, DIE GALERIE Frankfurt am Main

Max Ackermann (1887–1975) is not only the forgotten pioneer of German postwar abstraction, but his creative production is often inaccurately reduced to only his abstract phase from the 1940s to the 1960s. The duality of objectivity and abstraction infuses his entire oeuvre, within which, throughout the diverse chapters of his life, he continually dedicated himself to the exploration for "pictorial answers". Through the influence and investigation of different styles and theories he evolved a personal theory of form and color. Due to the diversity of Ackermann's work, his oeuvre initially appears difficult to grasp.
The current retrospective at DIE GALERIE presents the diverse priorities of Ackermann's production as coexisting chapters of equal significance: Ackermann drew from nature, discovered Cubist solutions to objective observations, composed colors and planes, investigated paint-application methods, and attempted to use the power of art to counter the events of the world with a "cheerful postscript" (Die Welt). The diversity of his achievements is therefore to be appreciated as an "artistic equalization of polar forces" (Hans Kinkel, 1975) in which he developed, "despite numerous external constraints, his own artistic language" (Dieter Honisch, 1967).

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Wednesday, March 7, 6:30 pm
(not open to public, we kindly ask for your registration)

Max Ackermann, Universum befragt (1950-55), 1955
Oil on plywood, 152,8 x 99,8 cm

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